Conclusion of “Azadi 70 Yaad Karo Kurbani” celebration held on 20th August, 2016

DBS Siliguri has been a pioneer institute instilling the right values in the youngsters for them to grow up into dutiful and responsible citizens of the motherland. Ever since it's inception, the national festivals have been given due respect.

3 years back Rev. Fr. Principal, Fr. V.T. Jose initiated the Patriotic song competition. This year a lot of activities like Creative Writing, Slogan Writing, Drawing, Painting and sketching competitions were organised as a part of the “Azadi 70 - Yaad Karo Kurbani”.

Besides an elaborate Independence Day Programme, a patriotic song competition was organised. It was awe-inspiring to see around 25 groups of boys from each and every section of classes 6-12 wearing different colourful costumes representing the rich, cultural heritage of India. They sang all the possible patriotic songs in Hindi and Bengali as they paid homage to their motherland. They remembered the sacrifices of the war heroes who laid out their lives at the altar of freedom, as they expressed their sentiments of gratitude with patriotic zeal and fervour, using creative props.

It was not just a competition but it seemed to have filled the students with “Josh”, energy enthusiasm and genuine sentiments of love for their motherland as well as appreciation for the 'Kurbani’ of the 'Veer Jawans’. After days of strenuous yet sincere effort, the end result was sheer magic; a feast for the eyes and a soothing music for the soul.