Worlds like ‘Doctor’, ‘Engineer’, ‘Chartered Accountant’, ‘Lawyer’ etc. are all you hear when the talk of career choices pops up. ‘Actor’, ‘photographer’, ‘Filmmaker’, etc. all slip into the hobby section or simply lie in one forlorn corner of the heart as life rolls on. In Don Bosco School, the Cine Club was formed with a view to provide the students with a chance to try out the rather unconventional path of Cinema and have a dig at the other career options around.

          The Cinema Club organizes sessions which deal with Film Appreciation, Filmmaking and Acting and gives a chance to the members to explore the worlds behind the lens. It organises the Short Filmmaking competition (Bosco Reel), Photography Competition (Bosco Click) , Cyber Gaming Competition , Website designing competition ( Bosco Pixel ) and Skit-competition (Bosco Theatre ) at the Bosco Fest every year and provides a platform for the young film, photography, design, theatre and gaming enthusiasts to hone their talents and skills.

The Young-filmmakers’ society continues to inspire potential filmmakers and promote motion pictures in the school.