Nature Club is a group of enthusiastic minds and nature-loving hearts. The group plays an active role of being concerned about the beauty of our school. The club consists of those students in the school who are eager to spread awareness about nature conservation and bring up innovative ideas in discussion at the club meetings. The club has shown active participation in keeping the school premises ‘wrapper-free’. The club organizes many events to convey the message of ‘Go Green and Protect Nature’. For instance, the club organized Painting Competition in July, 2014. At every club meeting the members are given freedom to discuss and share opinions on various topics related to nature, and asked to make charts or model to display their creative and artistic minds.

    The club has sprouted the love for nature in the minds of young students, by conducting trekking expeditions to visit beautiful landscapes near the city. It has conducted numerous programmes in which the club members are allowed to plant seedlings and pick up the wrappers of food stuffs and put them in dustbins of the school premises.