In the 21st century one of the most important qualities a person needs to cultivate and possess is fluency in English. Our ideas are no good if we can’t express them! The way we express our ideas in the form or oratory and writing is what separates us from the rest of the crowd.

 With the aim to promote creative learning among the young minds the “Literary Club” of Don Bosco School, Siliguri provides the platform for students to nurture their linguistic skills. Throughout the year the club organizes a plethora of events - “Elocution contest” , “Choral Recitation”, “Debate”, “Spell Bee”, “Extempore Speech Competition” just to name a few, for students to showcase their talents and garner experience. Nothing can beat the feeling of holding a mike in your hand, facing a crowd of thousand and through your oratory leaving them spellbound! That is what we call “Communication Skills”, which go a long way in building a person’s character and personality.Since its inception the club has produced eminent Debaters and Writers who have participated in Inter-School and District-Level competitions and brought laurels to the institution.