The school has a prayer room where the students can learn to pray and to meditate and thus come to the core of their hearts where dwells the divine.


The school has a large auditorium with a 1500 seating capacity, frequently used for various cultural and educative programmes.


The school has a well-equipped audio-visual room where the students get an opportunity for the visual learning of their various subjects prescribed in the syllabus.


Music is the language of angels and heartthrob of today's youth. A full time music teacher is employed to teach vocal and instrumental music to students and assist them in Concerts and other cultural functions.


The school has two large lawns surrounded by beautiful gardens and an attractive well equipped park that provides relaxation, comfort and enjoyment to our students. The eco-friendly environment in the school is a response to the modern world's cry for ecological balance.



  • The Computer Lab is a place of learning and serious work. For this `silence' is a very necessary element. Observe strict silence.

  • Dust is the greatest enemy of the Computer. Remove your shoes before entering the room. Wear clean socks.

  • Take nothing into the computer lab without the prior permission of the teacher.

  • Obey promptly your computer teacher.

  • The Computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. Damages must be paid for by the student. Report immediately any kind of defect or damage, so that prompt action may be taken and the machine is available for the next user.

  • Time is precious, DON'T waste it.


We have three separate well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology for Classes 9 to 12.


Ample opportunities are provided to the students for various indoor and outdoor games. 4 Football grounds, 3 outdoor badminton courts, 2 cricket pitches, 2 basketball courts, I volleyball court and a huge playing area provide sufficient space for outdoor games. 2 indoor badminton courts, 10 table tennis boards, several carrom boards, chess boards, etc, help the students develop their skills in these games. Biennial Sports Day gives opportunity to the students to take part in various athletic events and get trained in march past and drill display. At least a period a week is set apart for physical training.